Bespoke Scent Experiences

Scent is immediate, sensual and powerful.
Scent is a healing activator and our primal language.
Scent can translate abstract concepts into a palpable reality.
You carry scent associations within you and constantly make new ones.
Scent gives you a sense of self and how you relate to others.

Natural Scents are the secret language of plants.

- Ines L.


As an artist and facilitator of scent experiences, I hold space for meaningful, bespoke journeys via smell and taste.
I develop bespoke scents and scent experiences with the client as co-creator:

“It was a dinner experience unlike any other. We surrendered our senses and immersed ourselves in the forest of awe inspiring tastes, smells, visual delights, sounds, words of wisdom, silences and giggles that took us into strings of places inside and outside and yet everything held beautifully in one physical location, on one particular date.“

- Scent Dinner / Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir, Speaker and Author of InnSæi the book (2024)

“Eden-ing up to refuel, thank you for creating that scent- it’s more than that- it’s a feeling of love, safety and sensuality all bottled with care.“

- Companion Scents / Sana Kapadia, Gender finance expert, Impact investor and storyteller

The workshop was a super nice and personal experience. With her knowledge and her kind manner, Ines held space for our creativity. She responded individually to our wishes and questions, so we were able to find out exactly which fragrances suited us best."

- Scent Workshop / Lara Stiekel, student and entrepreneur

Ines created a scent just for our wedding. We smelled some suggestions, we chose one. She had it produced and now everyone has a fragrant memory of our wedding. Love it!“

- Companion Scents / Johannes Meissner, creative director glow communications

Ines and Lisa's sensory meal provides a unique immersion in nature and humanity, serving as a poignant reminder of the importance of self-care, mutual support, and environmental stewardship. It is ideal for a group seeking a distinctive collective experience.

- Scent Dinner / Geraldine Chin Moody, Managing Director, One Blue Dot 

“When I allow myself to feel the scents, I get lost in my memories. But even when the memories are sad, I feel safe because I can be present, and it is a peaceful state.”

- Companion Scents / Sofia Reis, product and experience designer, researcher

“I will remember this experience for all my life, and an occasion that turned strangers to each other into friends for life. It was pure magic.”

- Scent Dinner / Ramona Liberoff, Executive Director, PACE/World Resources Institute