Companion scents

Creating Companion Scents is part of my artistic practice and a service I offer to my clients.

Companion Scents are relational natural scent compositions that each carry a story within them. 


STEP I: Exploration & Concept

We identify what it is you want to call in and we compose your scent together.

1. Initial consultation (in-person or online)

2. Learn the basics of scent composition

3. Presentation of some ideas for your individual scent composition

4. Define the main concept or concepts


“When I allow myself to feel the scents, I get lost in my memories. But even when the memories are sad, I feel safe because I can be present, and it is a peaceful state.”

- Sofia Reis, product and experience designer, researcher

STEP 2: Creation

We will begin our creative discovery session in my studio or where you are.

1. Explore together a pre-curated selection of scent elements in their pure form.

2. Feel the scents and listen to their images and memories.

3. Understanding the scent structure as a whole.

4. Intuitively select the elements for your final scent.

5. Create a recipe that will be the base of your composition and combine all the scents.

Presentation of MITTSOMMER - a wedding scent, 2023
Presentation of MITTSOMMER - a wedding scent, 2023

and Finally...

  • Receive 10 ml roll-on or spray bottle plus 50 ml refill bottle of your Companion Scent

  • Original blue print of its recipe

  • Yearly refill option 50 ml bottle at material cost

860 EUR

Price per scent starts from


3 Sessions (ca. 6 hours total )

High quality organic scents

Working together with an artist

Co-creation experience of a unique scent

All materials included

Option of branding available


Concession Price available

Yearly refill option 50 ml bottle (material cost: 50-100 EUR)


„Ines created a scent just for our wedding. We smelled some suggestions, we chose one. She had it produced and now everyone has a fragrant memory of our wedding. Love it!“

Nele and Johannes came to me to create a unique sensory element for their special union. More than creating something for themselves, it was a git to their friends and family.

The project started with a poem by the poet bride entitled "Mittsommer" – Midsummer – and took about 4 weeks.

“Midsummer was in the air at our wedding - not only because it took place on Midsummer, but also because of the fragrance that Ines created for us. It captures everything that can't really be captured: blowing hair, swaying skirts, children's feet in the grass, cherries as ear jewellery, flowers as a feast for the eyes, resounding laughter and a quiet, deep promise. All of this becomes present to us with every spray, as if we were being pinched. Yes. That's how it was. That’s how it still is.“



“The Eden scent is more than a scent. It's the outcome of a stunning ritual- grounded in love, passion, sisterhood and like all rituals marks a moment- in this case- a sobering moment of a life coming to an end."

“Eden-ing up to refuel, thank you for creating that scent- it's more than that- it's a feeling of love, safety and sensuality all bottled with care."

Lisa and Suzanne asked me to create a Companion Scent for Suzanne who was going through the last stages of a severe illness. The idea was to co-create a scent that would call in beautiful and meaningful moments of Suzanne's life, to enjoy them through the scent and to gift it to her close circle of friends. A deeply moving project from beginning to end.

“I hold the scent close to my heart and whenever I need to feel closer to my dear friend, I know I have her right there with me and us all."