The moment of portraiture is vulnerable and precious. Powerful women often feel their beauty and diversity isn’t reflected in mainstream personal branding photography. The moment when the camera clicks can feel like being caught and judged. As both a woman and an artist, I strive to create an experience where you feel elevated and respected.

During our first consultation, my job is to listen - to your vision, needs and concerns. The portrait sessions become a safe space where you are received and empowered in the midst of your journey. With my camera, I am able to translate your authenticity and strength with the gentle grace the medium offers.

Whether it’s for professional or personal needs, my focus is to support you to feel seen and cared for by celebrating your unique essence and your individual power.


Digital package: € 400 includes initial consultation, photo session in my studio or on site, selection of 2 final images with minimal retouching
Analogue package: € 600 includes the above – in analogue middle format – plus 2 analogue hand prints
Additional retouching available on request: 50€/h

For booking or any further questions, please get in touch.